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Thanks to some handy calculators and reasonably okay record keeping I figured something out – On Thursday, June 8, 2017 the 5,000th Bob the Squirrel comic strip will appear.  Yes, I know…but hold your applause.

2017 also happens to be the 15th year of Bob the Squirrel.  So next year will see its share of milestones.  I set up a Facebook event for the 500th strip… I want this to be a celebration.

This want of celebration is WAY out of character for me.  I don’t seek credit for what I do.  Well, sometimes I do… but for the most part I just draw.  I won’t get into the whole “why am I not more well known” crap… it’s a waste of time and it insults those of you that have been with the strip for a while – in some cases from the very beginning.  That being said, the celebration is really more for you.

I’ll post more as the year kicks in… but for now… thanks.

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  1. Please I just read the great strips, the THANKS goes to you for putting in the effort and love for Bob and your readers. THANK YOU.

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