Starting on Monday, June 24, 2019, I will present HISTORY BOBS

HISTORY BOBS is a twist on the popular ROCK BOBS series of famous musicians and pop culture personalities I did from January to June of this year.

But now, instead of pop culture, I will attempt to recreate personalities of historical significance in Bob the Squirrel’s image. 100 people. Like ROCK BOBS, one new image will be posted every weekday morning.  Yes, it’s a TON of work… but the last series cemented my love of colored pencil work.  I want to get better with the medium… and the only way to do that is practice… and the only way to do THAT is to have a theme and a goal.

100 historical figures seems like cake, right?  It would be if I just randomly picked people. Not Frank. Nope.

One of the problems with ROCK BOBS was figuring out who to “bob-ify”.  I received plenty of suggestions from readers, and I apologize for not being able to fulfill them all. Sometimes determining the subject took longer than the actual drawing. So with HISTORY BOBS, I’ve already mapped out all 100 people. I made a list, that I only have to check once. I know who I’ll be drawing next Tuesday. All that heavy lifting is done.


  • 100 people. 50 male. 50 female. History is not one-sided, one gender.
  • All colors and races. History is not one color, one race.
  • No U.S. Presidents.  That would be too easy…but I have not ruled out a political figure or two. The point of this is to challenge myself.
  • Limit the number of actors/actresses… because picking 100 would ALSO be easy. If a person on the list is an actor, they’ve probably done something else as well.
  • These are people I consider significant. Some you know, some you may not. They may not be on your list… that’s why it’s my list.


All images will be available for purchase. Instead of having to email me for a price, all pieces will be priced at $55.00 each. A Paypal button will appear under the image when posted to

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