Lezley and Maggie as Beauty and the Beast…

To Lez – My Friend, My Wife, My Love on Valentine’s Day:

I love my comic strip. I love CLIF bars. I love brand new white t-shirts. I love new notebooks. I love Coke Zero. I love all these things. But, they’re just… things. If they went away, it’d suck… i’m not going to lie… and i’d probably pout a bit, but life would go on. I’d find new things replace them. I’d move on.
What do I always tell you? When you’re a nightmare, you’re still the woman of my dreams. You can be such a pain in my ass that I’d have to rent a dozen asses to contain the level of pain. You “compel” me to do things that instinctively I’d avoid like the plague. You ask me questions you already know the answers to. You are the complete opposite of me…
… and you are the best thing that ever happened to me.
Now that we’re getting older and physically stuff is starting to break down a little, I sarcastically joke that with each breakdown I’m “…getting all the good years.”
I am. I AM getting all the good years. A minute with you is good. An hour, a day, a week, a month, a year, a decade. It’s all good. I want as many of them as I can get. I’ll tell you what I tell you several times every single day – I love you.
…even though you’re STILL a pain in my ass. That’s fine. I don’t like sitting too much anyway… besides, the garbage needs to go out. 🙂
Happy Valentine’s Day sweetheart… we’re in this together.

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