as i re-read today’s strip, i have to question my use of the term “geeky cartoonist.”  sure, it’s funny in a cliche sort of way, but now it seems more hurtful to me…more so than the frank in the strip feels.  plus, it makes lezley seem mean… which she totally isn’t.  i make a point to not go back and re-write…any editing i do is done right before i ink my lettering… after that it’s all hands off.  this is one of those rare occasions where if i could, i would change the wording.

5 Replies to “geeky cartoonist…”

  1. Hello Frank – I’ve been sad reading your strips this past while – I hope you are not seriously thinking of retiring! I read the comics every morning – my little bit of joy – and I have enjoyed yours in particular, a lot! Whatever your decision – I wish you all the best in the coming new year. And thank you….for making me laugh!!! P.S. I think the term “geeky cartoonist” is rather endearing…..

  2. Seriously? Look, sensitivity is one thing, but now you are just being annoying. Quit aplogizing for making jokes.

  3. Frank, uhm… you’re a geeky cartoonist- in a good way!!! And, I’m glad you are… just my $0.02…

  4. This is going to annoy me yet.

    There is nothing wrong with being successful. Period.

    If you are successful with Lezley because you are who you are (and what you are?) REJOICE!!

    Continue with the navel contemplation of you like, as long as you are funny every now and again….

    What have you done with Bob?

  5. Geeky being insulting? Wow! You’ve just insulted almost everyone in the I.T. field with that one! We pride ourselves in our geekdom! Ever since the Talking Heads in the ’80’s Geek has been Chic! You should revel in it… I do!

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