Welcome to 2017.  We live in interesting times… and it may be getting more interesting.

I didn’t want to do my typical year end/year ahead type of post.  Admittedly, there was an element of lazy involved with that decision.

So, 2017.  There will be some stuff happening.  2017 is the 15th year of Bob the Squirrel.  There will be some sort of year-long celebration for that – even though I think throwing a party for yourself is a bit egotistical.  On June 8, 2017, the 5000th Bob the Squirrel strip will post/print.  That too isn’t anything that should alter the orbit of the Earth or get a parade… but it’s going to happen.  The plan (as of now) is to combine the 15th year and the 5000th strip will be combined somehow.  I’ll keep the world posted.

In addition to that, I started my Frank’s anything-but-a-squirrel-drawing-a-day 2017 project.  The title is self-explanatory:  I will post a drawing a day for the entire year that has NOTHING to do with Bob.  I felt that some of my other muscles needed a little workout.  I’ve become a bit comfortable knowing that I could always go to the Bob well and get a drawing.  Limiting myself will force me to be more creative.  It may ALSO drive me a tad crazy.  I will post the drawings everyday on Facebook and Twitter.  A gallery on bobthesquirrel.com will come later on.

There are a few other things but they’re little more than sketchy sketches at this point.

I’m a little fearful of the various unknowns before us…but what are you going to do?

I’m going to draw. #bobthesquirrel15